Welcome To Vadakkel Kudumbayogam

In the onward march of generations, connections and contacts among families deteriorate and hence relationship and intimacy diminish. Kudumbayogams and other family gatherings, to certain extent, help to renew, review and rejuvenate the chord of relationships.In this context the farsightedness of our fore-fathers to form Vadakkelkudumbayogam in 1940 is a matter of pride for all of us. Besides, Vadakkelkudmbayogam is one of the oldest of its kind in Kerala, heading for its Platinum jubilee in 2015.

It is believed that St Thomas came to India in AD 52 and baptized some Brahmin families at Palayur, near Kodungalloor. Some of these converted Brahmin families viz Kally, Kalikavu, Sankarapuri & Pakalomattom moved to Kalikavu near Kuravilangad. During half of the 17th century, untouchability prevailed in its adverse form in Kerala. Low classes of Hindu society were not allowed to enter temples or to place their offerings. During those days, it was custom that offerings from these category of people be sanctified by converted Christians before they are accepted in temples.

In this context the administrators of Thrickodithanam temple decided to bring some converted Christians from Kuravilangad. Among the four such Chrisitian families thus brought to Thrickodithanam, Vadakkel family was prominent. Vadakkel family was located at north of Kuravilangad church and hence ‘Vadakkel’ family name was bestowed. Subsequently descendants of Vadakkel family adopted 12 different family names and resided in various parts of Kerala.

(We are registered under Pakalomattom Mahakudumbayogam and we regularly participate in all the activities of Mahakudumbayogam).